Since 1868, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches

"No one can have Patek Philippe, just for the next generation custody only," a simple sentence, both expressed the brand for the 'time' 'affection' and other words depicting the depth of the show also belongs to Patek Philippe legend and self-confidence . It is the king of the world watches, heritage charm no one enemy, it is also synonymous with excellence, the pursuit of perfection, Jiangxinduju. Although the classic style to create many, but the following five timepieces, for the hundred years of Patek Philippe history, but it is a landmark presence, with extraordinary significance. 1868 - the first Patek Philippe replica watches uk Since 1868, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches In 1868, Patek Philippe set out to build its first watch, which is a very gorgeous appearance to the rectangular structure design as the main body, equipped with Cal.27368-type movement of women's watches, which is used in the word wheel capture Vertical body, with eight gem bearings, while there is one thing to say is that the movement follows the clock with the key to rotate the winding mechanism. This watch, whether it is case or bracelet are made of gold material, plus for the protection of the dial with the push-pull baffle dotted with a large diamond (on both sides of the disk there are more gem mosaic embellishment ), Can be described as extremely luxurious. In 1873, Patek Philippe will be the only fine timepiece delivered to Hungary's Koscewicz countess, and now, this rolex replica is quietly lying in the Patek Philippe Museum. 1925 - the first perpetual calendar watch Since 1868, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches This watch is not only the first Patek Philippe, is the world's first perpetual calendar watch, and its arrival is more because of a wonderful encounter. Patek Philippe was originally created for a woman's pocket watch this movement, and will be named Cal.97975. This movement was completed in 1898, although it has a very surprising at the time that the function: at midnight when the arrival of the calendar will instantly jump to the new day, not like the traditional calendar watch so , As the snail slowly forward, but even so, at the beginning of the release of this watches, but still few people interested. So this time to stay so alone on the shelves, until 1925, the growing popularity of the wave of watches that Patek Philippe had an idea, this movement will be loaded into the watch case which was finally made the movement to find the Has long been looking for its own meaning. October 13, 1927 this day, this replica watches until it's a good friend, since has a new destination. 1948 - Patek Philippe 2441 "The Eiffel Tower" Since 1868, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches The 2441 watch because of its lugs at the outward expansion of the structure and the design of the end of the square, people can not help but think of the bottom of the structure of the Paris Eiffel Tower, which will be the Eiffel Tower nickname. This watches was released in 1948, equipped with internal models Cal.9-90 barrel-type mechanical movement, the movement has already been launched in 1934. The 2441 watch can be said to watch collectors favorite, which to some extent due to its distinctive, eye-catching case design. In 1997, Patek Philippe in Geneva, the completion of the new factory and headquarters, and to celebrate the event, the brand chose to pay tribute to the watch, with the Eiffel Tower watch this shape has little difference, also has a rectangular case and Expansion of the ear design of the limited edition watches. The new style of naming inspiration also derived from the building: the pagoda (the Pagoda). 1976 - Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700 Since 1868, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches The seventies of the last century, quartz technology increasingly active, the traditional mechanical watchmakers are also increasingly eager to re-acquire or hold the attention of existing consumers, and Patek Philippe's Nautilus, the watch industry by the godfather Level figures Jie Luo Zunda designed watch series, it was born in the quartz turmoil caused by turmoil in the era of the watches sector. 42mm size, coupled with both sides of the case as if the ears of the fans in general this exotic design, regardless of which one is absolutely wonderful at the time of the existence. However, this model 3700 Nautilus watch the biggest "bright spot", it is the price of up to 2350 US dollars, after all, in that era, the vast majority of consumers have turned their eyes to the cheaper quartz market Among them, and luxury steel luxury steel can be said to be very rare. So for the precious metal material has been to create an excellent dress up when the name of the Patek Philippe, so that a look of stout and strong steel movement watches models, coupled with the staggering price, is undoubtedly a big news. Although the market response after its release is not enthusiastic, but every watches fans will not doubt its value, its classic, and later also been a large number of watch enthusiasts nicknamed "Jumbo". 2001 - Patek Philippe 5002 Sky-Moon Tourbillon watch Since 1868 to date, a landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches since 1868 to date, the landmark significance of the five Patek Philippe watches This model 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon watch, Patek Philippe has ever been to create the most complex watches, but it is also the brand's first two-sided display watch. One side for the time and calendar display, including the reverse jump calendar, the month of the month disk, moon phase display and leap year profit and loss indication. The other side is to show the star time, moon phase diagram and lunar track display and other functions. Tourbillon feature itself is not visible on the dial, but in the month of the plate "TOURBILLON" words to remind everyone of its existence. In addition to the above, the watches also has the Westminster Temple bell three asked function, its internal carried by the manual winding movement to 686 components assembled. When it was released in 2001, the price of gold in the picture reached a high of 950,000 Swiss francs.