Swiss watch on the Chinese calendar - near the Spring Festival, we once again carefully look at these only interesting to watch

Watch in China, when the craze in the highest point, the manufacturers in the watch dial to join a variety of traditional patterns to attract the Chinese market. Show that this enthusiasm comes from the manufacturer, the Swiss watch exports to China in 2000 from 45 million Swiss francs ($ 47 million) to 2014, 1.4 billion Swiss francs. However, some replica watches uk manufacturers do not make the watch full of Chinese symbols, but try a more profound West. "I've never really favored creating a country-specific or anything like that," said Marc Hayek, chief executive of Blancpain. "But at the same time you've been influenced by different cultures," says Marc Hayek, chief executive of Blancpain. Learn more Chinese culture is fascinating, "he introduced Blancpain 2012, the concept behind the Chinese calendar. The watch's three small dial on the densely printed Chinese characters. He first sprouted the idea of ​​making a Chinese lunar calendar about 10 years ago when he discussed the idea with some Taiwanese friends. In addition to the zodiac animals to name the year, the Chinese lunar calendar with yin and yang calendar system, that is, the moon running cycle (29.5 days) as the basis. Thus, a year consisting of 12 lunar months is approximately 11 days shorter than the 365.24 day solar year. Calendars or Gregorian Calendars are calibrated on a day-by-day basis, adding a day extra to the leap year to ensure that the calendar and season do not become out of sync with the passage of time. In contrast, in the Chinese lunar calendar must be added leap month. This means that the lunar year is either shorter than the Gregorian calendar, or (periodically) longer than the Gregorian calendar, which is why the Chinese Lunar New Year dates are uncertain. A calendar watch to long-term normal work, the watchmaker must find a cycle and around the cycle of the design of mechanical devices. Eventually, Hayek's watchmaker found that the Chinese lunar calendar has a cycle repeated every 60 years. The main features of this watch include the display leap month and twelve Earthly Branches, five elements and ten Heavenly Stems (an ancient counting system). "The latter (the ten Heavenly Stems) and the Twelve Earthly Branches correspond to the Zodiac with a cycle of 60 years, the cycle in the Chinese culture at the center," Blancpain explained. Moon phase display is Blancpain symbolic complex function, which is the Chinese calendar system is matched. "It took us a couple of years to rolex replica understand what's going on, what we need and what we do not need," Hayek said of the different timing displays on the dial. At the beginning of the project, "I said, 'Okay, let's see what's going on,' and then we found nothing (that's similar), I'm more motivated, that's the real beginning . " \ "It is this desire to exploit an area where watchmakers have not arrived," says Julien Marchenoir, director of heritage and strategy at Vacheron Constantin, who drives such innovation. "Calendar is traditionally a part of the complex function of astronomy, in recent years, when everyone is saying there is nothing invented, the tabulation industry has a burst of astronomical tide ... ... (This) fascinating, because the sky represents again A way to start dreaming, to flee from sometimes very difficult reality. " Vacheron Constantin has also encountered his own calendar problems, he added. "A variety of calendars represent the diversity of our culture, and sometimes the technical challenges, such as the 260 anniversary of the launch of Reference 57260 pocket watch shows Jewish religious calendar, this calendar has never been previously mechanically reproduced. " In fact, this particular calendar is still a complex function that is usually associated with commemorative activities, given the time required for development and the resources of skilled watchmakers. In 1989, Patek Philippe released the Caliber 89 pocket watch to mark the 150th anniversary of the founder's first pocket rolex replica watches, Antoni Patek. One of the complex functions of the watch is to show the well-known date of the resurrection Holiday season. Dedicated to the pocket watch group secret work for nearly 10 years. \ 25 years later, Patek Philippe in the 175 anniversary of the release of the master string sound watch (Grandmaster Chime), this exquisite calendar watch not only in the traditional way to show people today is the first few days of the week, a few months Day, but also reported that the information, which is the first in the watch industry. This is a unique combination of the two great complex features that will be applied to the date. While these wristwatches are less likely to be commoditized, they are still demonstrations of craftsmanship. In addition to providing brand definition and identity, they highlight the role of a complex function watch is not limited to a luxury, in the words of Mahen Noyer, they also represent a "technical and human interest, to convey the relevant Who we are and where we come from. "